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Roxanne Monique


UX Design

UI Design



Save the Children is an international non-government organization that promotes children's rights and is recognized worldwide. I decided to create an application for Save the Children to create job opportunities within the organization and benefit the sponsor with complete updates on how their child(ren) are doing.

This will be a double faced application for the sponsor and the Save the Children employee. The app will provide the user updates on their child's health, education and media images. The user will be able to track emails, letters, and packages on the app. They're allowed to send special gifts through the gift catalog.

For the employee, the application will help them manage all their children.
They receive alerts of sponsors and they send updates on their children.

I used Save the Children branding guidelines throughout the project to remain consistent to their identity.

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Identifying the Problem

I became a child sponsor about three years ago, I thought this would be a great and simple way to give back. After a year of donating $30/month I came to the realization that I had no idea where my money truly was going. I would receive letters and drawings sporadically from my child but it slowly started to decrease as I started losing interest in keeping in contact with her.

Sponsor's View

No longer worry about forgetting your child's birthday.
Save the Children will notify you and give you the option to
send a gift, letter or email.

Single Project
Single Project

Send/track your gifts, letters and emails!

STC app has made it easy to send gifts to their children. Users will finally be able to track their packages. Sponsers will be able to check how far along their letters are.

Employee's View

This helps Save the Children employees to manage their children. Each child has their own profile that contains their personal information. Employee's connect and send updates to their sponsors through here. They can upload images of their child and their housing environment.

Single Project

Children List View

I wanted to create an application for Save the Children that would
help bring revenue to lower income communities. There's many
STC children living in the same general area. Each employee would
get a handful of children that they can manage who live in proximity
to them. When they click on a child it brings down their basic information.
The app notifies the employee on their tasks for the day.

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Developing Research

I began my research by getting more insight on the company and their pros and cons. I looked at major competitors and saw what each company does differently. I wanted to know the process behind a sponsor and child and why does it take so long to get in contact with the child. On average, a letter takes about 2 months to get sent and read.

I'm an avid child sponsor for a girl in Bangladesh and the hardest part for me is really putting the time in getting to know her better. I wanted to know if this is a normal phenomenom or just me and more importantly, why is this an issue? I started by asking people other sponsors and googling statistics. The majority of the feedback was that the process is simply too complicated and not convenient.

This lies in the lack of technology of Save the Children and people being too busy or forgetful with their everyday lives.


I wanted to create a flow that has a story and reflected the application in a positive way for both the user and employee.

This is the flow of Manmila's birthday on a mobile screen.

Employee User flow

employee wants to notify sponsor of manmila's birthday

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Sponsor User flow

sponsor receives birthday notification and gifts 'chicks' from the gift catalog

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