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rithm is a mobile-based platform that combines cognitive behavioral therapy techniques with advice from your chosen therapist. Users begin with a questionnaire to get to know the user better emotionally and to determine their strengths
and weaknesses.

rithm provides different care depending on the user’s illness. rithm will act as the user’s personal space where they can journal their thoughts and feelings, have their own support group with other rithm users, communicate with their personal therapist privately, manage their social rhythm and have on-the-go technique sessions.

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Identifying the Problem

42.5 million people in the United States suffer from mental illness. People struggle to seek help and when they do it's expensive or out of reach. A recent study came out that millennials (people between ages 18-34) are the most stressed in the world. Millennials globally are tied to their careers and have intense pressure to achieve.

Balancing today's pressure and sustaining good mental health is difficult.

Sign up survey

Before starting rithm, we have the user answer various questions about themselves. Our mandatory sign up questionnaire is to better understand the user and their mindset. This helps us to accurately evaluate their symptons and emotions. Their symptons will change throughout the rithm journey but this will help show the advances of the user.

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Mood tracker

Everyday the user will input their mood/feeling. rithm will track their moods to monitor their improvements and detect bad days or weeks. This will help us assist the user in using one of our features.

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What's wrong?

We want to try and give the best personalize feel for the user.
Every day is different, in order to get the best result,
we need to know what the user is currently dealing with. rithm has
personalize and specific techniques for any issue. We don't want to
overwhelm the user with a lot of techniques which is why we ask,
what's wrong?

Recommended Techniques

After we have a better understanding of what is wrong, we accumulate
our best five techniques to guide our user into relaxation. Each audio/video
technique is different but most come with a soothing background visual.

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Journaling Thoughts

This is the rithm user's free space for privacy. There isn't a right or wrong answer or doing. They can write freely without worrying about spelling or punctuation.
We want to the user to write whatever comes to mind without any blocks.
Before journaling, we ask the user how he is feeling to seperate positive and negative journals.

Developing Research

5% (10 million) of adults suffer from severe mental illness. A average high schooler today shows same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950s.

Dealing with mental illness will never be easy and it should never be overlooked at. The best way to cope with it is to challenge it back with exercise to increase endorphins, approach negative thoughts with a journal log, eating superfoods for amino acids and seek help when needed.

Application Hierarchy

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begin a technique

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Color palette

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