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Our teacher wanted to push us to create something that hadn't exist without having any technology restraints. This was my first 'imaginary' IoT project.

Mugshot is a mobile-based platform that connects your phone to your espresso machine. Mugshot is the new way of waking up. You can customize any coffee to your perfect cup of joe. As well as coffee stylizing, you can schedule your
morning brew in advance.

Mugshot will alert you if you're running low on coffee beans/pods.
It will notify you when it's time to refill the water and milk compartments.
Don't worry about drinking sour milk, Mugshot has your back.

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Identifying the Problem

Inconsistency of your coffee experience. My coffee always tastes different even when I go to the same place. With the hustling and rapid environment, baristas don't have time to perfect each drink.

the solution

Being able to customize your coffee the way you like it and have it every morning at the same exact time without any disturbance.

common barista mistakes

1. flushing brew temperature, idle

2. flat espresso, old grinded coffee beans

3. milk is too hot/burnt

4. Adds too much milk

5. Forgets # of espresso shots

5. Steam tip is in too deep

6. Forgetful and lazy to fix


On average a barista makes 450 drinks per shift.

60 out of 450 are noticeable wrong.

It's a 5-7 minute wait to remake your drink.

Single Project

Good morning

Mugshot displays the current weather and by sliding right or left you can view the weather for the rest of the week.

Brew Alarm

Don't worry about not having enough time to make coffee. Set your brew alarm to get it the moment you wake up.

Single Project

Coffee List

You can start personalizing your own coffee by the ounce. The '*' next to a coffee indicates you have changed the 'standard' coffee to your own liking. You don't need to wake up to have a cup of coffee, click start and drink away.

Coffee Process

The coffee process displays each step of when your coffee is being made.
This is a visual confirmation that your coffee is being made each time the same way you like it. You have the option to stop your coffee at any time.
Enjoy your cappuccino!

Single Project

Hey! It looks like you're running low!

You might want to order more coffee beans before
you run out!

Mugshot notifies you when your espresso levels are low on all compartments. You are able to purchase coffee supplies through the application. It records how many days the milk has been stored in the compartment and will suggest when to throw it out.

Branding Process

Application Hierarchy

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Color palette

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