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Eagle is a golf tour operator that is mobile based platform. It helps you manage every detail of your golf trip from accommodations, tee times and finding the best local deals in the area.

Eagle is specialized in professional golf vacations and in quality not quantity. Users can mark off specific golf courses to watch for price drops or open availability.

Eagle is the latest in golf travel.


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Identifying the Problem

Organizing a leisure golf trip for a large group of people is difficult.

There's a lot of contributing factors:
Budgeting and financing, accommodation, flights, weather, tee times, travel,
having golfers agree.. the list goes on.

Filtering to your Needs

Start your golf trip by filtering. This will help Eagle monitor and suggest options for you and your group. Planning a trip is very tedious. Eagle tries to make it as easy as possible for you.

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your upcoming golf trips

your trips are organized by city. don't worry about forgetting which hotel is in what city, eagle allows you to search by title.

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Manage Tee Times

Don't sweat about calling long distance or waiting for an email response from the pro shop.
With Eagle, you're in full control on changing any reservation. Beware that some golf courses charge a cancellation fee.

design process

planning any trip can be complicated that is why I went with a minimalist flat design.


User flow / 1

user checks availability for ‘The Island Golf Club’

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User flow / 2

user cancels ‘The European Golf Links’ teetime from an upcoming trip

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User flow / 3

user creates a new trip and adds specific filtering

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'eagle' logo

Eagle in golf means you shot 2 under par in a hole. It is very rare to achieve and feels great when you do. Eagle represents the small group of people who are lucky enough to go on a leisure golf trip.

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