Academy of Art Athletic Posters


Roxanne Monique





I was a four year collegiate golfer for Academy of Art University. Being part of the athletic program gave me countless possibilities and strengths to achieve success.

After finishing my eligibility, Academy of Art provides fifth year aid for student-athletes who have remaining school left. I was chosen to be part of the fifth-year design team along with two other designers:

Annika Schneider (GR, W Tennis) and Jessica West (WNM, W Softball).


After collaborating and sharing our ideas, we really wanted to demonstrate the unique life of a student-athelete at Academy of Art. We are the only art school that is part of the NCAA and we wanted to show how important that is and show the audience all the different talents withihn our program.

Women's Soccer 2017

Fall Sport

Model: Laney Haviland

Major: Fashion Styling

GP/GS: 18-18

Men's Soccer 2017

Fall Sport

Model: Jon Johannesson

Major: Industrial Design

GP/GS: 17-17

Men's Basketball 2017/18

Winter Sport

Model: Uchenna Okeneme

Major: Advertising

GP/GS: 6-6

Women's Volleyball

Fall Sport

Model: Margaret Winkler

Major: Advertising

PTS: 136.5

Accomplishments: Program's Career Blocks Leader